Instaband @GROOVE U

[Deadline: December 7th, 2016 11:59PM]


What Is instaband?


Imagine the best high school band in central Ohio winning a recording contract complete with a studio EP, music video, booking support and graphic design. This is the grand prize for the winner of GROOVE U's 5th annual Instaband competition - becoming an instant band.

From start to finish, students enrolled in the revolutionary music career program at GROOVE U are producing this one-of-a-kind contest.

A portion of the proceeds from the Instaband contests benefit a 501(c)3. Check back soon for the official 2017 Instaband beneficiary. Proceeds will also benefit GROOVE U Scholarship programs.

To learn more about the contest, the rules and some tips, check out the full About page.


WHO Runs Instaband?

GROOVE U runs instaband.


Started and run by veteran music industry professionals, GROOVE U is a music career program focused on “The Essential 6” — a transparent, career-centered approach to learning developed by those still working in the music industry. Everything we do is guided by the principles that the music industry is creatively engaged, apprenticeship based, and relationship driven.

This approach affords you small, personalized classes that provide you with both a solid foundation and specialized areas of study. With a 4:1 lab:class ratio, you have plenty of hands-on opportunity to develop your skills. Professional development and small business entrepreneurship courses, as well as unparalleled career resources, prepare you to make the all-important professional connections. You plug-in to both the local and global music communities through trips to music industry conferences, on-campus guest speakers, and two internships. Finally, because the best musicians make the best businesspeople, expert musicians give you weekly private instrument lessons every term.

Because we “get” music, all of this plus your own laptop, hardware, and software are included in a tuition that is the best value in music industry education. If this sounds great to you, schedule an appointment with one of our advisors today.

Now enrolling for September 2017.




East Semi-Finals                          West Semi-Finals

Friday, February 3, 2017                                                               Friday, February 17, 2017

   5:30 PM Instafan Expo                                     5:30 PM Instafan Expo
   7:00 PM competition begins                                7:00 PM competition begins
   GROOVE U Creative Campus*                                 GROOVE U Creative Campus* 

  Final Competition

   Friday, February 24, 2017
  5:30 PM Instafan Expo
  7:00 PM final competition begins

    Location: Skully’s Music Diner 1151 N. High Street
  Ticket information coming soon

*Creative Campus located at 1300 Forsythe Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43201

**Price includes complimentary parking at GROOVE U’s campus and shuttles to and from Skully’s.

Get the ball rolling

Registering your band (or yourself as a solo artist) is the first step to getting on stage. If you need to read the rules and regulations of Instaband, make sure to agree to the terms before signing up. Everybody's waiting to watch!


Your registration isn't complete until you pay your registration fee, detailed in the Rules and Regulations in item "G".


The venue

GROOVE U Creative Campus

1300 Forsythe Ave
Columbus, OH, 43201